down ramp

I leaving and I'm taking my apartment with me!

parallax view

new apartments

city filing cabinets

manipulated - 28mm F/2 AIS


office block

Capital design!

Parliament House - Canberra, Australia


Nikon D5000 - Nikon 50mm f/1.8


new buildings at the ANU

Nishi - New Acton, Canberra, Australia

X marks the parking spot

calm start to the day

Department of Health and Ageing, Canberra Australia

The Sirius Building design references the first fleet and HMS Sirius with a narrative design of building façade, sunscreen, wind baffles, café and landscape elements. (Peter Russell, Principal Architect)

insect trays


Artwork & Photography. MOAD/OPH Enlighten - See Canberra in a whole new light, this artwork consists of over 1000 tiled images form the national archives (and a few of my own) and a huge rainbow! — Commissioned for Enlighten 2013


shaky building nearing completion

off ya trolley

rainy days

modern views

Canberra architecture is really progressing

all the books

Enlighten Festival - Australian National Library


Drink and Click™ Canberra

Down on the valley floor

Gibraltar Creek. Shortly afterwards we encountered a red belly black - daughter shrieked!

Gibralta Falls

Woodford Folk Festival - pond

Woodford Folk Festival - - Queensland Australia

concrete jungle

Concrete shrine to the bureaucratic process? Nikon D5000 Sigma 10mm 3frame EV2.0 Photomatix merge

windy gusts at sunrise

Lake George, NSW Australia

lakeside sunset at jetty

institution blues

planned city

Tilt-shift of Canberra

headed home

Nikon D5000, 180mm f/2.8 ED

swans head home for the day

spectacular fiery sunset in March 2012

observatory ruins

A rare glimpse into the Stromlo 74" Dome - frozen in time back in 2003.

delicate balance

Sunrise over lake burley griffin Canberra, Australia - for the Google+ photo walk

lake sunset

trying longer exposures - after a week of sunsets - this one was the best. After a gloomy day it all ended well. 10mm Sigma - 3 Exposures blended in Photoshop.

wind turbines

Nikon D5000, Sigma 10mm - HDR EV 1.3

Shimmering Heart

Sculpture - Nikon D5000 Sigma 20mm HDR 3 frame 2.0 EV - ISO 200

bono building

Some very vibrant glass going down at the new business park

waterfall drain


art building

National Library with projections

Autumn flow

Moss long exp

the edge of australia

look up dude

G+ photo walk #thewalkdownunder

Bermagui beach, NSW Australia

on the edge - sigma 10mm RAW processed

last light after the storm

love my sigma 10mm :-)

whispy orange

Storms earlier had passed leaving this in it's wake...WOW never seen anything like it. I watched a 747 fly into it's own shadow...a man in the street holding a huge snake - then a couple playing with their dog with this sunset as a back-drop


Namadgi – Orroral Ridge - Legoland

grazing land

Lake George, NSW Australia

strike a pose

Government House Open Day — Canberra 100

still morning

Arboretum Canberra

moon stick

secret garden

Heads from the North

Dadang Christanto Heads from the North, 2004 installation, 66 bronze heads. NikonD5000 Nikon 50mm

shaddow ridge trees

aqua drive-by

Drink and Click™ Canberra


weston park sunset

the dedicated ones

G+ photo walk #thewalkdownunder - We beat the world record for largest photowalk

harbor vista

Google+ PhotoWalk in Sydney, Australia with Trey Ratcliff

city fountain

Google+ PhotoWalk in Sydney, Australia with Trey Ratcliff

stoned frog