National Zoo & Aquarium Canberra

National Zoo & Aquarium Canberra - Australia -

Parliament House Canberra - Enlighten

golden sunrise

Kids and the Skywhale

Canberra Photographer, Australia - Martin Ollman

National Portrait Gallery - Enlighten 2014

National Portrait Gallery - Enlighten 2014 -


watchful eagles' eye

Moon-rise over the National Arboretum Canberra NEST III - Created by Richard Moffatt in 2007, this artwork is made from welded steel found objects, mostly abandoned farm machinery. The sculpture is mounted on boulders representing the type of rocky outcrop where an eagle would make a nest (ACT Public Art Collection)

Canberra Balloon Spectacular 2014

Canberra Balloon Spectacular 2014 -

delicate balance

Sunrise over lake burley griffin Canberra, Australia - for the Google+ photo walk

down the rabbit hole

war memorial pond

Nikon D5000 Sigma 16mm F/5 ISO 280


Namadgi – Orroral Ridge - Legoland

government house

towards the light

Enlighten Canberra, Australia

Tonight we head north...

Neon lit birds take flight, suspended over a Forrest path - AWESOME!! Floriade NightFest is on for five magical nights - get yourself down to Canberra sharpish :-)

"Droplet" by Stuart Green


new buildings at the ANU

all the books

Enlighten Festival - Australian National Library

july sunset

Canberra - Australia

wi-fi - Architectural projection

Commissioned artwork & Photography - My tribute to Dr John O'Sullivan (CSIRO) - for inventing the key technology behind Wi-Fi - projected onto Questacon - as part of Enlighten Canberra

Fluro People

Nightfest - Floriade, Canberra - Australia

100 years old

Our city turned 100 today :-)

Canberra Australia

Autumn Sunset


I leaving and I'm taking my apartment with me! are!

Yoda lands - Balloon Spectacular 2015 - Canberra, Australia

lone tree overpass

G+ photo walk #thewalkdownunder


afternoon storm brews

National Arboretum (edit)

Autumn flow

Moss long exp



everyone went home after the rain - city reflections


aussie blues

#australiaday live


shaky building nearing completion

city jewel


contemplating Number 11

Number 11, 1952, also known as Blue Poles, is an abstract expressionist painting and one of the most famous works by American artist Jackson Pollock


Nishi Foyer Canberra - NewActon

Old fashioned fun!

Civic Merry-Go-Round in Petrie Plaza in central Canberra. This gorgeous carousel was built in Melbourne in 1914. Its horses (and elephants) were hand carved in Germany, and the brass poles imported from Scotland.

incoming storm

Captain Cook's Fountain - Canberra, Lake Burley Griffin - Australia. Nikon D5000, Sigma 10 mm f/22 (1/30 sec) iso 200 - 3 frames EV 1.7 HDR processed in Photomatix, RAW layers processed in Photoshop CS5


fairground spin reflected

GTM Festival Canberra Australia

washed up sunset

Department of Health and Ageing, Canberra Australia

The Sirius Building design references the first fleet and HMS Sirius with a narrative design of building façade, sunscreen, wind baffles, café and landscape elements. (Peter Russell, Principal Architect)

Brindabella ranges


Heads from the North

Dadang Christanto Heads from the North, 2004 installation, 66 bronze heads. NikonD5000 Nikon 50mm

Vintage Floriade

on the way to the fireworks

Tried a few times with this bridge - this time from the opposite end, after sunset with my trusty tripod/remote release ;-)

raining fashion

Fashfest Thursday

Perception and Reality 1

Australia's largest cast bronze figurative sculpture by Australian sculptor Andrew Rogers. Welcomes visitors on arrival to Canberra airport (7.5 metre, 3.8 tonne)

Australia Day Live

Fiers a cheval - Enlighten 2014

#CBR #Enlighten

peak hour travel

Canberra International Airport

Canberra Airport

"Roos" by New Zealand sculptor - Jeff Thomson, dubbed the ‘Iron Man of Australasia’ - the 3 recycled corrugated kangaroos are the 14th major sculpture at the Canberra Airport #CBR #Canberra - they are on the left if you are landing, right next to the runway

everything on red?

a fountain of casino tears.....

fashion blues


Nikon D5000 - Nikon 50mm f/1.8

vibrant tiger

National Multicultural Festival 2013


Canberra Deep Space Communications Centre (CDSCC) DSS-34 (34-metre)


Canberra Nara Candle Festival

Drink and Click™ Canberra

planned city

Tilt-shift of Canberra

green avenue

non-ocd light posts :-) my town is made for tilt-shift

Within without Skyspace

James Turrell 'Within without' 2010 - Nikon D5000 Sigma 11mm f/20 - HDR 3 frame 2.0 EV - ISO 200


Artwork & Photography. MOAD/OPH Enlighten - See Canberra in a whole new light, this artwork consists of over 1000 tiled images form the national archives (and a few of my own) and a huge rainbow! — Commissioned for Enlighten 2013

National Library of Australia - Enlighten Festival (edit)

Macquarie Photography Prize Finalist 2012

candy capital

parliament house caneberra

spiky reception

sculpture in the city (Utility provider's reception area) - tallest spike is about 7ft

brrrrr..on lookout

rainy evening in the city

smithers.. release the gold zombie hounds

rainy city sculpture

dawn walkway

a couple walk toward parliament house canberra


making a b-line home

Roy Lichtenstein: Pop remix

Nishi | NewActon -

spill on the hill

Australia's parliament house bathed in a blood-red sunset. Reflecting what was the last few weeks in politics....political suicide

strike a pose

Government House Open Day — Canberra 100

RAAF roulettes

Open Day | Australian War Memorial - Canberra 100



last play of the day

Brian Schmitt

TEDx Canberra 2012 Talk

behind you

Skywhale reflected by the NGA

room to grow

golden skim

Canberra Balloon Spectacular 2014


Capital design!

Parliament House - Canberra, Australia

Gibraltar Creek - Namadgi National Park

I <3 Canberra

ANU o-week

Hookah Kids

National Multicultural Festival

frosty runway

super best freinds


Skywhale makes maiden flight over Canberra - Centenary of Canberra

Stories - National Library

Enlighten 2013 - Artwork

in position

Nestled in the hills, earth receiving station CDSCC Canberra Australia - for today's @MarsCuriosity Landing

National Library of Australia - Enlighten 2014

National Library of Australia - Enlighten 2014 -

Gibralta Falls

die fringe burlesk @FringeCBR