Not bad for a lens that's the same age as me :) 1970 glass 180mm f/2.8

Gustav Klimtville

satellite geological mapping with a 16mm

vintage glass

50mm f/1.8 IS0 200

native wattle

macro + coffee weekend relx

all blurry

Drink and Click™ Canberra

Banded Iron Fomrmation

WA Rock

playing with light

particle beams

leaf fields

Nikon D5000, Tamron 60mm Macro

raw nerve

disco's ok..I'm ok


firey asscent

macro plant in the garden

awake now

daughters eye - Tamron 60mm Macro f/9

drenched in light

leaf patterns lit by the morning sun

winter heatwave

Oil Paint in CS6 - RAW processed

once in a lifetime

moths mating

digital fish

abstract - water, macro

After you, I insist


50mm f/8 ISO200 3 frames EV2.0 Photomatix/Photoshop

come closer

macro flowers

foam macro

eye c u

abstract of bike racks

dead leaf skeleton

Nikon D5000 Tamron 60mm f/2 - SB-700 fill - processed in RAW

autumn reflection mirrored

abstract image

gum drops

water on a fallen gum leaf

chrome bike racks from the future

Dried Hydrangea

Nikon D5000 Nikon 50mm 1.8

wire tubes

Nikon D5000, Tamron 60mm Macro

foam macro


Builders matrix

HDR EV1.3 - photomatix

Robber Fly

Tamron Macro 60mm F/2


Nikon D5000 Tamron Macro 60mm F/2

native strawberry

Nikon D5000 Tamron Macro 60mm F/2

macro bug


waterfall drain


boot's with the fur

Eight-Spotted Forester moth (Alypia octomaculata) this morning - letting me get all up in it's face after a unseasonably cold night

inner structure - fountain base lights

sleepy eye

Blue tongued lizard fresh from been woken up by the gardener.Tamron 60mm f/2

wolf spider drying out

Nikon D5000 Tamron Macro 60mm F/2

none shall pass

sunset blur

180mm ED f/2.8

The chemical compound of boredom


cemetery path

50mm f/1.8

bronze sculpture

early man


praying mantis grooming

This guy arrived in my study a few days ago - was happy to pose before I let him back out into the wild - I think he developed a penchant for dnb...nice meeting you dude :-)

chrome bench snakes

don't mind me love

Nikon D5000, 180mm f/2.8 ED

old york

tree stump late afternoon

delicate morning

translucent mushroom in the morning light


frosty start

frost crystals

overflow flowing

lake tuggeranong overflow - Sigma 10mm - ND8 Filter, Raw Processed

gnarly grooves

28mm f/2.8 Nikon D

secret garden


caught in the act!

bottle brush jewels

Nikon D5000 Tamron Macro 60mm F/2

Waxing Gibbous 98%

Crocosmia buds

Hybrid from S Africa

macro super nova plant

autumn has laneded

spectrum of autumn - Tamron 60mm F/2

take me take me

Nikon 180mm F/2.8 ED


clouds over canberra today

Brindabella ranges


seahorse shadow

Jurassic coast

#paintography of the sunset at Tomakin Beach, NSW Australia earlier this month.

rhododendron dreaming

#paintography PS6 RAW - SB-700 off camera

setting up shop

the iris is out and it has visitors


Festival chic - #paintography raw processed

‎"not happening" Bboy

180mm F2.8 ED

game of cutlery

Dragons Teeth

Formed by lava moving through a crack in a very large rock

"Somebody That I Used to Know"

Plant's in the garden changing season overlapping!

Critically endangered Northern Corroboree Frog

all twisted up

tree roots


zoom long exposure

last breath

Sunset Dandelion